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Electrical engineering merging fashion. Let’s meet Vanessa

Voyavanessa is her instagram name, Vanessa Smith is an Electrical engineer merging fashion and Engineering. If I can choose one word to describe Vanessa I’ll easily choose “energetic” . She’s full of life, fearless, motivate, from Colorado to New York to follow her dreams. For Vanessa the most important things in her life are : God, Family/friends and finding what you love to do. When I approach Vanessa about this interview for my blog, she gave me an instant response. So nice of a person , She’s someone that girls can look up to. How dedicated and  passionate she is. Let’s meet Vanessa then

TeddyXfashion: hello Vanessa

Vanessa : Good morning

TeddyXfashion: it’s a honor for me to have you as a guest for my blog.

Vanessa : Thank you so much for thinking of having me !

Can you please introduce yourself. Who is Vanessa ?

Hi everyone! I’m Vanessa Samuel and I like to consider myself to have an outgoing bubbly and fun personality ! I am the oldest in my family and have three siblings and we’re all close in age. I’m an electrical engineer and fashionista. I’ve always been curious as to how things work and have an appreciation for beauty, colors, and style! The three things in my life that are the most important to me are : God, Family&Friends, and finding what you love to do!

From your instagram biography when I see electrical engineer merging fashion. How do you combine fashion and electrical engineering?

It’s actually a difficult process and in the moment I’m still in the research phase on the fashion side but basically I’m trying to figure out how to make fashion more sustainable when it comes to recycling of textiles and clothing to fiber science and how we can use science to manipulate different types of fabrics to benefit our skin or other issues that people may have with their skin. For example I have eczema so I have to be very conscious of what I wear and it would be really neat if there were a clothing line or something that I could wear that would initially help my skin or help me not to sweat as often or can help with healing my skin so that’s one example of where my research headed.

Where is your love for fashion come from?

My love for fashion began ever since I could remember ! Fashion and beauty were things that I just really gravitated towards and I just enjoyed it I love seeing how you can transform your face but also how you can wear something  that can give you so much confidence and make you feel like you’re ready for anything ! To be honest I can’t even explain why it is that I love fashion . Have you ever had those moments where your heart just feels super warm and happy? I know that’s kind of strange to say but that’s the way I feel when I have on an outfit  that makes me feel confident, sexy, beautiful and like I can conquer the world ! Not only that but I’ve always been intrigued by how people can design such intricate and beautiful pieces of clothing that are essentially wearable art. In every culture, fashion is a huge part of it , without fashion, part of culture ceases to exist. It’s amazing how you can define a certain time in your life by things that you wore or even the cultural dynamic of a nation by the things that people war so fashion is a huge thing for me.

I do understand and agree with you when you said that fashion can give someone confidence and make you feel fearless. That’s why I’m always saying that “ Fashion is a self expression” You can easily express how you feel through an outfit. On that note if you can give a definition for fashion which is your own, what would it be ?

Fashion is the wearable art that portrays the personality of the inside of a person on the outside.  

From Edgy, Street fashion, chic fashion, there are so many. Where do you stand? How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a plethora of different style, categories combined. The most prominent styles of mine are city chic, edgy and preppy all with a touch of glam!

The reason why it’s a combination of these is because overtime, I’ve cultivated ( and I’m still cultivating) my style.

For example, during the fall and winter. I’m more city chic and edgy. During the summer I am more preppy as I feel that those types of clothing look better in me during the summer. So a lot of my style has to do with the season that were in and how I feel wearing certain clothing.

It also has to do with the way my skin is feeling. Since I have eczema I am always in the search for the compatibility of softness with the style categories stated above ! So for instance today I’m going to work and I’ve been having flares up  so I need to be sure that my pants are soft and my top is soft but that I don’t look like I’m wearing sweats.

When did you start blogging and what motivated you?

I started blogging in 2014. But not seriously until last year, it’s actually a lot of work and I’m still working on it. My sister actually had a blog and I have decided that I wanted to do a blog as well but to talk about fashion. To be honest I think I’m going to start getting more into video side because I preferred to speak instead of write but the blog is important for those who like to read and to keep your home base.

From personal experience I know that we all have our source of inspiration. Do you have anyone that inspire you?

Yes I have so many people that inspire me.

First and foremost my mom because she is a woman in electrical engineering who built her own company.

Oprah who defied all odds and worked so hard to get where she is today.

Michelle Obama who is such an inspiration for women and what it means to be a leader.

My sister Crystal who is an extremely hard worker.

My sister Evelyn who is an incredibly disciplined and always up for an adventure.

My brother Howie and my dad who are great examples of what it means to be men of God !

My friends who are go-getters ! (there’s a lot haha!)

To be honest I wanted to ask her more about herself, her journey and of course her projects. Such a beautiful soul, but Vanessa is really disciplined, her days are well planned and I can tell you that she has a busy schedule. So having her sharing with us some of her time was really precious. But we will probably  have her again.

Follow her Instagram page : @voyavanessa


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