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Good girl VS Bad girl myth

Good girl, bad girl, lesbian, gay, slut, prude… so many labels that are meant to define someone as a person. Where are you standing ? who are you? Who they say you are?

I don’t need answers, I already know that we are all labeled by society. But what these labels mean to you? Do you let these labels define you as a person? I wish not

It is really painful and heartless when they trying to label you because we know that we don’t belong to any labels. We are just humans living our live and possibly living our dreams.

To be honest or fair, I think women are mostly associate to label than man, I’m not saying that man are not labeled, but women have more label that define them as person than men have. There’s so many label that are associated to women that sometimes we don’t even know where we fit. They say women are dramatic, crazy, irrational,delusional, hysterical.

Therefore, among all these labels we have the fear of being good or bad, being appreciated, being loved, being accepted. This is actually were the good or bad girl comes into play.

We were taught that no one want to marry the bad girl, so we all want to be good girl. I’m not saying being married is a life accomplishment , I’m just reminding you what we were taught.

But how a good girl is supposed to be, what make you a good girl?

To be a good girl, we need to be nice to people, we need to keep our opinion to ourselves, we need to be a virgin until we get married, ( yes, that part) we can’t talk about sex, we need to get a man and get married, we need to live on society expectations and doing the best to not disappointed people. This is a lot of things to do and to be, but definitely not ourselves. And of course we all want to be good girls. However, a girl who is outspoken, wild, free, really open to talk about sensitive topic, a girl who’s not trying to fit in or even who’s living by her own rules is called a bad girl.

It is really sad when I see, young women are so afraid of being themselves, they are caught up in this idea of being good or bad, and they are constantly worrying about what the world think about them. This is so much pressure on oneself, and before you even realize it, it is an everyday job to be someone that you’re not. There are all these things that you want to do. But you don’t know what they are going to say. There are all these topics that you could give and share your opinion about, but you’re so afraid to be judged that you just keep it to yourself. There some things that you’re not agree with but you don’t want to disappointed people so you just force yourself to accept them. I mean there are so much that we are going through to be part of the “good girls team” . I know that you know but let me remind you that “ living your truth is the only perfection there is! “ Keke Palmer

I don’t feel the need to define anything to anybody, because I’m always changing and you are too. I might want something for today and not necessarily want that for tomorrow.  We are never going to be what society depicts as “ normal” or even “ perfect” because that’s not real.

If you’re being yourself, then you are following your purpose. The more we get out of the mind-set of thinking there’s a certain way to go about things, the more free and creative we become. Not to mention that life becomes easier when you’re living authentically, because you’re not forcing everything to fit your perspective but you’re following what is new to expand your perspective.

So I’m encouraging you to follow your own desires, in how you dress (of course haha), what you like, and how you love, by accepting one another.

We’re making the rules for ourselves, and we don’t have to be stuck or defined by one label.

Don’t be a good girl nor a bad girl, be you, completely you, and unapologetically you.

PS: I really like when you are engaging with me, so I know who reads my posts and eventually meet your expectations. Leave a comment, let me know what labels are associated to you and maybe share your experiences with me. By that we can develop a strong community with understanding and trust. “We connect to others by expressing who we are to the world” have said someone that I love. So don’t be afraid to share, I’m here to listen.

Oh also follow this blog, subscribe. This is really important to me.

By the way, fashion content are coming, bare with me, I just did not meet my expectations yet with my last photoshoot session.

Thank you for passing by….

Until next time, your girl TeddyXfashion

“ I’m going to be so loud being myself that if you’re too close the sound can cause you problems.” Teddy Isy


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