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“A bad day is only as bad as you let it be”

We all have bad days, we all know these days where we don’t want to wake up. For a long time I was always in a bad mood, I never knew how to start a day with joy, it has always been, bad mood, not feeling it. Some days you’re going through some hard times, you wish you could have stay home and not seeing anybody so you don’t interact with people and maybe they won’t know you’re having a bad day nor you’re going through something.  

There’s something I really like to say, I’m surely paraphrasing, “your happiness depend on you”.

That is so true, we need to be predisposed to be happy, that’s not gonna happen without our consent. But also, know that there’s no one better than you that can make you happy or is responsible for your happiness

In this blog post I’m going to give you some tips to embrace your day with joy, excitement and of course gratitude.

How do you start your day? Not so long ago, I learned that the first two hours after you wake up are the hours that will determine your day. This two hours are crucial, and you need to know exactly how you choose to spend these hours.

For instance, maybe you didn’t have a good night sleep, and when you wake up, you have that mood that you don’t know how to shift. No matter what you are going through cherish the fact that you are able to make it to another day and you have all the reasons to be happy. It’s all about your mindset. Take control over your life, take control over your day and make your day awesome. How can you do that

Advice 1: Have faith in music

Music is powerful and if you don’t like music, you should actually try it.  They say “music connect all emotions” and it’s so true. It can be the rhythm that can make you feel good, sometimes it’s the lyrics that is going to make you feel that type of way. You might feel that the singer knows about your pain, you might feel like the song is about you and someone do understand how you feel. This is such a great feeling when we feel understood. If you wake up and you not feeling it, put some music, dance to the rhythm, feel the emotions and this can actually can change your whole mood and who knows?? Your whole day

Here some music that can help you start your day and having that awesome day.

Advice 2: wake up and make up

You don’t want to wake up, you feel like the world is against you, you feel that everything is going bad in your life, you’re feeling not so excited about the day. Just do a flawless makeup and you’re good to go. it’s seems quite not effective but there’s nothing more effective than starting a day with confidence. And makeup can give you that boost of confidence.

Advice 3 : the outfit

Did you know the way you dress also determine whether you’re going to have a good day or not.

Let me explain you how!!

Wearing a jogger a hoodie and your sneakers, the world already know there’s something going on and this is not your type of day. You’re sending message through your outfit. You’re also sending negative energy to the universe.

Even you don’t feel like it, if you can wear bright colors to light up your day, do it. If you have a favorite dress or even your favorite outfit, wear it.

But most importantly, dress yourself in a way that you feel good, you feel awesome. Dress yourself in a way that you feel comfortable, add some accessories to your outfit. Just do the absolute most in order to feel good about yourself and have an amazing day.

Some days I don’t even feel like dressing up, but I always remind myself : I said ; “Teddy I know you’re not ok and it’s ok, but don’t give on yourself easily. Make this day a wonderful day, I know you can.” And from there, while I’m in the shower I put louder my favorite music of the moment. After I take care of my face, not necessarily makeup. But my skincare routine is my little ritual. Finally I put on something I really like and there I go.

I still remember that day I wasn’t really ok. But you couldn’t tell, I wore this dress that I like so much. And I did a glowing makeup. To be honest I felt better.

Maybe you have your personal tips for an awesome day. Feel free to share with me. Tell me how you start your day in the comments below.

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Stay awesome, until next time

Your girl, Teddy


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