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Don’t set limits on your unlimited potential

One of my biggest fear is “limitation” since I was a teen, I was always afraid of being limited. Why can’t we be? Why can’t we go by our own rules? Why can’t we create our own vision? Why can’t we be different and appreciated?I mean why can’t we be free?

I know some of you (sensitive soul) you’re going to be offended by me saying in some way that we are not free. Anyway I say it and I mean it. I’m talking about being free to do what we want , free to stand out, free to think out loud, free to go in the opposite way, free to be non conservative. I mean free to be ourselves though. Most of us are living a lie, we are caught up in some habit and way of living that have been installed by people from past centuries.  Without even questioning the why we get trapped and stick to it.

As black Women we grow up being limited. First of all by the fact that we are women but not only we are women but also black women. So there’s a lot of barriers that keep us from being free. They say that women belong to men and, that what a man can do a women shouldn’t be able to do it. Some say that is no longer our era, they say now women are less stereotypical. Clearly we have a gender problem, and to quote Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, (We Should All Be Feminists) “ The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are. Imagine how much happier we would be, how much freer to be our true individual selves, if we didn’t have the weight of gender expectations”. Obviously we have other limitations than gender, it’s racial.

Therefore when I started my blog, I wanted to do fashion, but there’s a lot of fashion blogger already. I was asking myself. How do I stand out from all this fashion blogger? How can I maintain a fashion blog but also share some positive energy. And then I realize there was something I’ve been saying but I never really understood. I say this a lot “ Fashion is a self expression” and I when I take my time to really understand the meaning of it. I came to a realization that expressing myself can be in many ways, I can still do fashion and expression myself through writing connected to my outfit and looks and of course in deep focus topics.

By that being said, let’s now connected this to fashion. For a long time I was limited myself from what I can wear and how I can wear it. And I hated it.

For some reasons, I never have a favourite color, also  I would never step out my comfort zone and wear bright color as an everyday outfit but carnival. As carribean woman, I’m used to festivity like carnival and festival, and this is only when you can dare wear bright color or if you do wear bright colors, they’re going to say that you still in your carnival mood. So just to make you understand that it was a no no for me. I was being concerned about what people can say. Society judges you from what you wear to what you eat ( Hilarious, han). So I always take that fear of being ridiculous with me. Along with this color shaming, there was the style, “style is not understandable” I mean you don’t have to understand someone’s style, and you don’t have to like it either. We all have our own taste,so the way you dress come from your own taste, your personality.

As you can see in the image display above, I’m no longer afraid of wearing bright colors, now this what I live for. It’s a whole experience and discovery. We have to experiences things to understand and being more confident. I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately, every times I come across a bright color, I was like ‘ oh no that’s too bright, definitely not for me” even If I like it.  One day I tried a red top with a yellow skirt. You won’t believe me, I fell in love with myself again when I was looking at myself in the mirror. This was really impressive, the colors blended to my skin brighten my skin. I was surprise, amaze, impress, happy, grateful, so much feelings in one day. I was blaming myself for all the times I never tried out some brights colors deliberately. Guys, that day I buy for 300 $ and it was all bright colors that I’ve tried and seen that they were perfectly match to my skin. Again, For a long time, I would never match more than three colors, it could be just because I didn’t want to be too flashy or having too much colors (hehehe). Actually, when I get in a store and I see bright colors, I’m like a kid in a toy shop, I like to play with colors to have that color blocking and shocked the eyes.

This outfit is Bomb, I play a little bit with the colors and they are perfectly matched.

From me to you, who had fear, and didn’t want to step out my comfort zone, Im telling you today, anything that you want to do, from dress up, to lifetime accomplishment, do what you really want to do. Wear that dress that you like, match the color that you want. If you want to wear Vintage in be a 90’s babe, go for it, if you want to do some crazy outfit, do it. Try out new things, don’t care about what’s trending or not. Don’t get into the trap of limitation. There’s a million of possibilities, explore the world, experience things, find your style, discover your personality throughout fashion

Ladies and gentlemen, my Fashion Family, be fierceful and own it.

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Your girl TeddyXfasfhion, until next time



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