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Fashion or caption???

From streetwear, artsy, Boho, haute couture fashion. I don’t really know where I stand, I can wear everything, it just have to go with my mood, my emotions and also what I want to express. I say that a lot and maybe not enough fashion is a self expression,and when you’re choosing your pieces, you’re making statements, you’re expressing something.

So I explore so many style, that I combined them sometimes but I do have some preferences. I love sneakers and blazers. These two for me are a non negotiable deal, an outfit is never totally complete without them. I can literally wear sneakers with any looks. And let me tell you adding a blazer to a look always gives it that extra and change the whole look.

You can also never go wrong with a suit. Sometimes wearing can make you look overdressed but the way you wear it can also shift it to any occasion.

This suits is from the brand H&M, it’s a size up to my actual size. I love over size suits because that gives you that chic but also that modest fashion style. Pairing the suit with my white Fila was the perfect combo. I mean the look gave me that feeling that I was a star walking around.  Effectively when I was having my photoshoot a lot of people were congratulating me for the look. And they were looking at me like I was one of these fashion Icon.

But now where would you go with this look?

A dinner, a fashion event? Church?

In the comments section, tell me what is your personnal style ? And tell me where would go with this look?


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