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2019 is about consistency

~No one else but me~

“Where you are right now is not where you belong” this is one of the sentence that hit me when I was watching of Prince EA Video on facebook. Lately there’s a lot of motivational speakers on social media.And we feel motivated by them, and also take their words as our motivation words so we can be motivate ourselves. We’re saying things that are powerful, things like “we need to step out our comfort zone, we need to start doing what we really like” but it’s more easy to say than done.

We all want a better life, some new perspectives. We all want to follow our dreams, but taking actions have never been easy, it takes a lot of work to do things, and to carry the resolutions long after the excitement of the moment has passed. To break that down for you. When we have a new project, we are all excited about it but mostly for a few days after the day we start, along the way we lose focus, and lose our motivation on the way as well. Therefore, we are going to blame ourselves later for the actions we didn’t take, things we didn’t do.

Like me who have started at least two or three blogs , because I always wanted to share either my experiences or my passion. But I could not find that consistency.

How can I be consistent when I’m a full time student and having two part time jobs at the same time. But I remember the other day I was telling one of my people that “ anything that you put your mind into it you can achieve it” powerful words aren’t they?

Of course they are, but now how motivated Am I?

That’s why this year I want to follow up with this actual blog, and share with you guys my passion.

I guess you are wondering what is my passion ?

According to my blog name it is easy to guess. I always have that fashion love, always like to dress up, and speak through my outfit with my own personal style. But I never name it. Some friends had to give me a push, and make me realize that fashion was my calling.

I need to take it seriously and share my creativity. Then I understand that I’m actually a fashionista. “ il faut que je me la raconte un peu quand même” (this is french, I had to say that).

For this reason, and more, I want to follow this path and become a full time blogger, and share with the world, my style, my creativity and originality. This is gonna be my journey. I’d like you to follow me in this journey and keep me motivated so I can achieve my dreams with you.

In conclusion we’re gonna live a crazy dreams together, we are together in this journey. It is challenging but we are gonna make it.




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