2019 times excited

“Time fly” this is one thing we usually hear and we think we understand, i mean we do understand the first meaning which is time goes fast. But It says a lot more than that. When you’re realizing that you’re old with several grand children, you’ll understand that time does fly. While growing we’ve seen years changes. After 365 days you’re going into a new year. People always get excited by this change, this new year. They always welcoming the year with joy, excitement, motivation, gratitude.

This is something we all want, that mean, we’re still alive, we have plenty time ahead to do what we want to do, we are able to spend more time with friends and family. So, a new year it’s after all a new year. New projects, new perspectives, new goal, and new person (lol) I mean new resolution about self.

Most people consider the transition like an experiment, a tough year some may say or an amazing year other might say . For me, life through the year is like a travel with multiple stops, going on and out buses or train or plane even boat. Because everyone have their own way to travel. Some like one more than the other or possibly what they can afford.But It’s a travel, and every year we stopped to take another shuttle to continue our travel to the final destination. Considering every year as a ride, the ride can be great, with other passionate traveler, the ride can also be bad…. We all have other people riding with us,even though some get out the bus earlier than others but there’s some who’s staying with you through your final destination.

We are actually on 2018, everyone is excited about 2019 that’s is next door. This happened every year, people are welcoming the new year Some of them want to get rid of the actual year, to see what the new year can bring to them.

2018, what a year!!!!!! Emotions, growth, comprehension, knowledge,opportunities, adventure. This year was like no other was, a lot of fulfillment, some blessings. This year has taught me so much, and I also enjoy the whole year, even it break me at some point but It was to build me. I really enjoy the 2018 ride, It was kinda exciting, frightening but marvelous. I enjoy every bit of it, every pain, every joy, every opportunity, every challenge. This year helps me to grow in way I never thought could be possible. I learned how to forgive, not only others but also myself. I learned how to love myself which lead me to the knowledge of loving other people. I learned how to deal with pain and find peace within me. I learned how to get the most out of me and step out my comfort zone which has never been easy and aren’t still. 2018 was like the best ride of my life. Through the days during this travel, I struggled, I laughed, I’ve been triggered, I’ve been hurt and also heeled. I have lost and I also found. One of the most loving and amazing achievement for this amazing year was when I found myself again. Sometimes you’re lost in all the bad way, trying to fit in boxes that society creates, or you’re trying to please anyone that is in your surroundings. But 2018 has taught me that I can be different and there’s no problem with that, also taught me that I can be anything I want to be despite all issues that can come with it. Most importantly I can be myself and have faith in self.

Some people may say 2018 was a bad trip, but for me it was the most amazing trip. I’m grateful for everything that happened this year.

Now the ride is almost over, near to to the final stop, where the other ride is waiting for me, the 2019 ride. I have faith that 2019 is gonna be more amazing.

Thank you for the ride 2018,

PS: I was suppose to post this article late 2018, around december 30 or 31. So, as I’m late with the post, I decided to introduce myself to you with this brief evaluation of my 2018 year.

welcome to my world and let’s ride 2019 together.

XOXO, your girl Teddy…


      1. It’s like someone was speaking for me.. a friend of mine shared it with me, as if he knew exactly my feelings. Still trying to find my way through this amazing world. Congrats and thank you again for such paper.

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  1. A friend of mine just shared this with me and now after reading it, i gotta say I’m just happy he did. And that also proves he really knows and remembers I’m a big fan of fine writers! I love the way you put those words together and i love the style (I myself write, still trying to define my own).
    Thanks for allowing ppl to enjoy!

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